Interviews are tough. You are given 30 minutes to an hour to showcase that you will fit into an organisation and that your skills outshine other candidates. No pressure!  I've spoken before about having a good interview success rate and think it would be a good topic to share my knowledge on.  If you've applied … Continue reading TOP 5 INTERVIEW TIPS FOR SOCIAL WORKERS

Office Politics In Social Work

Written by anon Let me start this article with a story of a good friend who I worked with as a team manager a few years ago. Our line manager at the time was, to say the least, eccentric swinging between excessive friendliness to 'The Terminator' with little in between to suggest which way she … Continue reading Office Politics In Social Work

Lets Talk About Burn Out

Maybe you recognise it ? You've given 150% on the front line, kept up staff morale, provided a safe service to the public, navigated office politics and personalities that contradict your own values whilst holding together a family/life you start feeling tired, cynical, tearful and demotivated. It makes sense that at some point in a person's career it can happen.

So about recruitment agencies…

Let me start with a humble brag- In my 10 years working in the social work sector, I have never been for an interview where I didn't get the job! Wait that's not true there are two occasions. I didn't get the role for the Grenfell project where I ended the interview by over-enthusiastically saying … Continue reading So about recruitment agencies…